About Us


Falcon-Air Group of Companies comprises the following divisions:

  • Falcon-Air Auto Repair Services.
  • Falcon-Air Rent-A-Car.
  • Falcon-Air New & Used Car Sales & Trading.
  • Falcon-Air Motor Insurance & Road Tax Renewal.

Our Mission

To identify the essential needs of Motorists and provide them top-notched services with integrity at reasonable prices.

Our Objectives

  • To conduct business as “a new economy” organization which constantly seeks to improve.
  • To uphold our image as honest automotive specialists by striving continuously to provide high quality and comprehensive range of services to customers with the ultimate aim of maintaining a top class automotive service provider.
  • To completely synergize our services in AUTO SERVICES and RENT-A-CAR, providing customers with convenient one-stop solutions.

Our Vision

To uphold ourselves as an honest and dependable organization which continues to seek newer heights of service for all our customers



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