Our Service Packages




Pricing for maintenance and servicing are as follows:

Saloon Vehicles
4Ltr Shell Helix Ultra Synthetic Oil *
Normal Oil Filter*
4 Regular Spark Plugs *
Vehicle Checks
Total package price $148

Commercial Vehicles
4Ltr Mineral Oil*
Normal Oil Filter*
4 Regular Spark Plugs*
Vehicle Checks
Total package price $86

*subjected to top-up contributions if vehicle requires more litres of synthetic oil and various types of spark plug.
Servicing package includes:
1. Fluid checks • Brake Fluid
• Gear/Transmission Oil
• Power Steering Fluid
• Radiator Water
• Windscreen Water
• Battery Water
2. Belting checks • Fan Belt
• Air-Con Belt
3. Maintenance checks • Clean Air Filter
• Light/Indicators
• Horn and Wipers
• Tyre Pressure and Water
4. Oil & Parts change • Engine Oil
• Oil Filter
5. Spark Plugs, 4 pcs • Contact Points (if applicable)
6. Engine Tuning • Check/Adjust CO level
• Check/Adjust idle speed
• Check/Adjust ignition timing
7. Brake checks • Check/Adjust handbrake
• Check brake pads & shoes
* Prices quoted above are subjected to change without prior notice and are subjected to prevailing GST.

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