FALCON-AIR - More than just a name.

The FALCON is known to be the fastest and most adaptable creature in the world. AIR is a source of Life, Ever Present, Spontaneous and Forceful.

The cohesion of the FALCON and the element AIR connotes a pervading Presence, Swiftness, Skilfulness, Resilience, Spontaneity and Adaptability to the changing environment.

Hence 'FALCON-AIR' reflects the progressive image and corporate mission of the Group. Falcon-Air looks to the sky for unlimited potential for growth and with a skyward vision, seeks to deliver Service that soars to meet Customers and Business Partners needs.

Our Heritage

Falcon-Air has more than 30 years of experience in the motor, repair and servicing industry, preserving a tradition of quality service for our valued customers. To synergize our line of automotive business activities, we also offer rental and leasing of sedan and commercial vehicles (light goods vehicles and trucks).

To maximize our customers' value, we offer a ONE-STOP automotive service, providing efficient service while emphasizing comfort and convenience.



Falcon’s Corner